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Monday, 28 March 2011

Guernsey My Home...

  I spotted this amazing cottage, dating back to 1604, whilst on holiday in Guernsey last year. Who needs modern architecture when we have houses like this as part of our heritage? Now that that's what I call  a 'des res'.....

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Donkey Derby!

My sixteen-month old granddaughter, Millie Grace, is off to Guernsey for the first time in May.

Millie's parents, Chloe and Phil, are both ardent football fans and Millie has been  trying just recently to follow in their footsteps.

Phil, a born and bred Yorkshireman, supports Leeds United while Chloe, who hails from Lancashire, supports Derby County.  Chloe's late grandfather, the Guernsey-born journalist Harry Brown, produced the popular 'Ram' magazine at the old Baseball Ground for many years and Chloe continues to support the team long distance from their home in York.

Says Chloe, 'We want Millie to see the island where her great grandfather was born, but we don't think we'll be taking her to a match - she's confused enough already!.'

Never mind the football Millie - just have a great holiday....