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Friday, 17 November 2017

A View from the Register Office? Great drama, Kay!

If you didn't watch Kay Mellor's new drama on BBC 1 last night, you missed out on her best writing yet. Love, Lies & Records is a new six part series by the BAFTA award-winning writer. The only thing I don't like about it is the title!

According to the hype '...the series follows Registrar Kate Dickenson (Ashley Jensen) as she tries to juggle her personal life with the daily dramas of births, marriages and deaths and the impact they have on her.
After a dream promotion to the top job of Superintendent, Kate finds herself increasingly torn by the endless responsibilities of being a modern working mother. Her daughter’s hiding suspicious messages on her mobile, her son hates her because she’s bought him the wrong trainers and now her stepson’s turned up unannounced to stay.
As Kate tries to hold her work, life and relationship together, things go from complicated to impossible when a disgruntled colleague threatens to expose a secret from her past.'

And what a secret! ( sorry, no spoilers here.)

I'm surprised no-one else has thought of setting a drama in a register office, a place where people find themselves at  the most significant moments of their lives. To me, the unlucky Kate appears far too emotional for the job, taking everyone's personal problems to heart, and yet the viewer is rooting for her all the way. That's the clever bit.

Maybe I like it because the heroine is emotional, vulnerable, and nothing like the strong female professionals we're witnessing more and more on television. A bit like feminism in reverse. Maybe it's because the programme tackles complicated human issues with just the right amount of empathy. Whatever the reason, I'm already looking forward to next week.

A review of the whole series in today's Wall Street Journal is headed A View from the Register Office.

Now that's a great title, don't you think?

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WILLIE........! =^..^= said...

Well...Like most evenings l'm torn on what to watch...
The TV Magazine had a full page review, and some, on
this program, but l was swayed towards More4 to watch
Great Canal Journeys..which l love..I have just read
the full page review again, and decided to give it a
go at the weekend on iPlayer..!
And l must say the titles are interesting...
Much better than..Births..Deaths..and Marriages...! :)

Guernsey Girl said...

We have so much in common, Willie, especially canals! When I was a child my father had a friend who owned a barge at Loughborough and I loved every minute I spent on the waterways. But then, I'm a romantic at heart...

Barbara Fisher said...

I missed it too and for the same reason as Willie! I will be looking for it on iPlayer very shortly, and yes; I like A View from the Register Office as a tile. Now you just have to write the book Marilyn! :-)

Guernsey Girl said...

I'm writing, Barbara. A new novel and short stories right now. Short stories make my imagination stir...have I mentioned that I love your blog?

Barbara Fisher said...

Wonderful news Marilyn I will look forward to hearing more about your books.
Thank you for your kind words about my blog – you made my day!
Terry and I watched the first two episodes of Lies last night, and we can’t wait for part three, thank you for telling us about it.

Guernsey Girl said...

So glad you liked it, Barbara! It's real - believable - unlike so many programmes today. As for blogging - you are my role model!

WILLIE........! =^..^= said...

Thankyou for your interest in 'my little old Blog'...
I have left a reply...Thankyou!
HeHe! It is a one off l'm afraid..though l've been
nagged and nagged to actually start one...But no, l've
put my foot down on that! Though l enjoy reading and
following others, and leaving 'short' comments...And,
yes, l know l go on a bit..."Friends..Romans..Country....
Still...Onwards and Upwards...! :).
Thanks again...

Guernsey Girl said...

And what would we do without your comments, Willie? Here's to you!

Barbara Fisher said...

I don't think I've been a role model before...but I rather like it. :)