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Wednesday, 16 February 2011

A taste of my new novel...


A full moon cast shadows over the blackened rocks as two figures stumbled along the cliff path.
‘Have you done this before?’  He pulled the brambles aside.
‘Done what?’
‘This walk, in the blackout. If the Germans catch you they’ll shoot.’
‘Not when I’m with you, Reverend Martel, surely?’
‘I’m not immune, Lydia.  The enemy’s still the enemy.’
 ‘And I’m still free.’ She forced her way past him. ‘Why did you have to follow me?’
‘I was worried, that’s all. Tell me what’s wrong.’ A cloud passed over the moon, plunging them into darkness. 
‘Nothing.’ She hesitated.  ‘Well, if you must know, it’s Otto Kruger. I think he suspects something. He’s been behaving strangely recently.’
            ‘Damn the bloody Commandant. I’m sick of hearing you talk about him. I hope he burns in hell.’
‘What do you mean?’ Lydia frowned. ‘You know why I see Otto…’
Martin winced as the name left her lips. ‘Of course I know. And you’re doing a grand job from what I can gather.’
‘A job you asked me to do, don’t forget.’
I didn’t ask you, if you remember.’
‘But you didn’t stop me either…’
‘What was I supposed to do?’ Get down on my knees and beg?’ His face contorted.  ‘They’ll give you sainthood after the war and raise a flag on Castle Cornet. “Saint Lydia”-how does that sound?’
‘STOP IT, STOP IT…’  Her hand struck his jaw with a loud crack.
A trickle of blood ran down his chin.
‘I deserved that,’ he said, wiping his mouth with his knuckle. ‘And now, if you’ll excuse me?’  He turned, abruptly, striding back down the path and disappeared into the night.


Elaineyross said...

Really enjoyed the taster - more please!

clo said...

makes you want to read more....

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in the Occupation of the Channel Islands and have visited the Guernsey Occupation Museum twice in the past two years. How much research did you have to do for the novel?

Guernsey Girl said...

Quite a bit. All the characters are fictitious but certain officials, such as the Chairman of the Controlling Committee of Guernsey, really existed. It was important to me to get the historical facts correct and this, I hope, is reflected in the narrative. However, the way the islanders addressed each other and some of the events in the novel were told to me by my late grandparents who lived through the Occupation. The stories of bravery that I heard as a child had a significant impact on my life.

Jon Atkin said...

Atmospheric & inspirational, a great taster. Looking forward to the main course!
I'm also liking the photo (assume this was taken in Guernsey?) and the Bio.
One day I shall follow in your footsteps Auntie Maz....

Guernsey Girl said...

That's good - because I reckon Harry Brown always expected you too..

Anonymous said...

fascinating stuff more please cant wait to read next chapter.