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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

These lovely Guernsey flowers arrived at my home as seeds last Spring and I managed to nurture them, as you can see, despite the cold climate here in the North of England!
They were sent to me by Christine Robert whose father, the late Frank Mellanby, was a close friend of my Dad, Harry Brown.  Frank was my God father and very well known in the island as a fine sportsman and a warm and genuine man.
I shall be visiting Christine and her mother, Hilda, later this month but, in the meantime, I can't remember the flowers' name.  Sorry, Christine, I'll make it up to you with a meal at The Auberge...


Faith said...

Hi, I think the flowers are mesembryanthemums (what a mouthful!) - lovely bright colours. Thanks for commenting on my dove blog - I have just done another one if you are interested. I have made myself a follower, as always love to hear about Guernsey. You mention Auberge for a that Auberge de Val (hope I have spelt it right) - we stayed there last time we were in Guernsey. Wonderful food!!!! Best wishes.

Guernsey Girl said...

Hi Faith - good to hear from you - and thanks for the name of the flowers (I'm very impressed with the spelling...) We have just got back from Guernsey where the sun shone almost all the time and the leafy lanes and cliffs were even better than I remember. I think there are two restaurants called the Auberge - the one we went to is set on the cliffs at Jerbourg with amazing views out over the vast expanse of water. I had sea bass with crab followed by the most delicious banoffee 'mess' I have ever tasted...(and the waiters really were French!) I look forward to reading your new blog.

Tim Cottingham said...

Hello,Dorothy Alice Moon married Frank Edgar Mellanby and had Frank T A Mellanby born 1926 who married Hilda E Tarode,they also had Dorothy M Mellanby who marred John W Clark.

I would if possible like to connect to Christine Mellanby if possible,Do you know if i could.My name is Tim Cottingham ,Dorothy A Moon had a sister Gladys and she married my grandfather Arthur Cottingham.

Any help appreciated Tim in Brisbane