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Thursday, 24 May 2012

When dyeing your hair could KILL you...

 Have you heard of PPD? No – it’s not a quick fix method of getting money back from the bank, or anywhere else for that matter. It stands for p-Phenylenediamine and is present in just about every hair dye sold all over the world. It should, of course,  have WARNING/DANGER written in large letters on the packaging, but it doesn’t. Why? Because the manufacturers don’t want to put you off buying their money-making  products. PPD can cause  a serious allergic reaction to the skin of the face, neck and scalp, including open sores, heavy blistering and severe swelling. In extreme cases it can lead to anacalyptic shock  and even death. And if this isn’t bad enough, it isn't just women who are  unaware of the dangers. I know of qualified  hairdressers who haven't heard of it either!

For most of my life I’ve had naturally dark hair and even had ‘lowlights’ to make in look even darker.  These also contained PPDs, though I had no idea at the time. It started with an itching scalp, sometimes after I'd had the highlights, and then one morning I woke up with my face covered in huge blisters.  I had two or three less serious reactions before I finally realised the dye was to blame.

 After one final attempt at a darker colour with a local hairdresser, ( who assured me this time it would be ok), the symptoms started all over again. I did some research and learnt about  the horrors of PPD.

In total frustration I went blonde last year (the least said about that the better) and am now gradually  getting back to my roots.  But the message, I hope, is clear.  If you do colour your own hair, please check the ingredients on the box. Or if you go to  a salon, be sure to ask the right questions - and have a patch test first.

Several people have already died for  the sake of vanity. Please make sure you don't become just another statistic.


Elaineyross said...

I'm getting a bit worried about you Guernsey girl. Is there any part of your anatomy that has escaped an ailment? Ahhh, but then again, we are all getting older and starting to sound more like crumbling pensioners every day. I've just looked after my 3 year old grandaughter for the whole, sweltering, sultry, week end and my hair is suffering as a result (hours on the beach in the salty breeze, no time to comb / wash / style etc). Not the price of vanity on this occasion but the "rewards" of being a nana (and you know all about that)!

Guernsey Girl said...

You've really made me laugh, Elaine, you're never too old to be a nana - or a hospital case...I hope you relax for the rest of the week!