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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Mum's definitely the word...

Photo: Am I imagining it or does the envelope of my card actually look like it says 'mum'!

My post last week encouraging children to 'believe in make-believe' has a fitting post script today.

When three-year-old Millie got her mum a Mother's Day card, she wanted to scribble on the envelope, too.  Her dad didn't think anything of it till he spotted a special word in the wavy lines.  Yes, it was Mum...

Maybe we have another writer in our midst?

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Faith said...

Just been catching up with your blogs. So lovely to read - and especially anything about Guernsey. When I was a child, sitting in the back of the car, while my father drove round Guernsey I used to imagine I had magic crayons that would draw the sea just as I saw it, in all it's many different colours and moods. You are so fortunate to live in Guernsey. Best wishes.