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Friday, 10 May 2013

Expresso Bongo and Mrs Bouquet...

Blog Awards make me smile.  As well as prompting us all to read and comment on what other people are thinking, they also encourage us to tell all. Happy to be awarded the Sunshine Blog Award this week,  I struggled to find some little snippet  I hadn't admitted to before. So here goes...

Although my my nickname is Maz  I also have been known to answer to Mrs prizes for guessing why...

Here's the second confession:

I met Cliff Richard when I was nine after a concert at the De Montfort Hall, Leicester. He asked me how I was, but I was too dumbstruck to reply.  He'd just made Expresso Bongo - a satire on the music industry for which  (I think) he prefers not to be remembered.

Meanwhile, the  rules of the award are as follows:

* Link to the person who nominated you and thank them.
* Answer 10 questions about yourself.
* Pass on the award to your favourite blogs and link them to your own.

So thank you Barbara at March House books who knows everything there is to know about vintage books for children.  You can find her on

And now for the rest of those questions:

I first got published when I was fifteen and still at school - in a national football magazine.
My favourite UK destination - York
Facebook or Twitter - Facebook
The man I would most like to have met - James Stewart
My favourite charity HUSH - the Uk's E.coli Support Group
The writer who most inspired me - Rosie Thomas
When would I like to have lived - Victorian times
My favourite quote - It is a good thing for an uneducated man to read books of quotations -
Winston Churchill 1930  (I always wonder if that applies to uneducated women, too?)

And now to the blogs I'd like to nominate

Linda at
Hanner Cymraes … means half Welsh woman
Margaret James at Margaret James
Gloria at Gloria Horsehound's Bungalow
Karen at
Karen at Do Authors Dream of Electric Books?
Helen at
Linda at



Gloria Horsehound said...

Hi GG, thanks for the Award. It has made my day:)

Being a bit slow I'm not quite sure how all this works but I'd love to answer your questions: What writer wouldn't...

My favourite UK destination: Um...I quite like Thaxted in Essex. Also Glastonbury in Somerset

Facebook or Twitter: Neither.

Man I Would Most Liked to Have Met: Ernest Shackleton

My Favourite Charity: The Red Cross

The Writer Who Most Inspired Me: Tough one. All Poets.

When Would I Like To Have Lived: The 1930's.

My Favourite Quote: Sincere words are not grand. Lao Tze

Guernsey Girl said...

Great to hear from you - I always look forward to your posts - a mixture of humour, heartbreak, and of course, food!

Barbara said...

That’s so funny, another of my family nicknames and one I’ve never admitted to before is …. Mrs. Bouquet! I can’t claim to have met Cliff Richard, although I did write an essay about him once. The trouble was I wrote about the wrong Cliff Richard as did half the class. I have no idea what the ‘other’ Cliff was famous for but I de remember the class teacher being seriously furious!
Congratulations on the award, I'm going to visit some of the other blogs now.

Guernsey Girl said...

Ah, Barbara, so we have more in common than we thought! I love the story about Cliff - would like to have seen the look on the teacher's face...Enjoy the blogs :)

Anonymous said...

You are far posher than Mrs Bucket!

Elaineyross said...

Your nearest and dearest had affectionately referred to you by this name for several months and I well remember the day this former secret was revealed at a family gathering some years ago. I'd just introduced one of the lesser known relatives to you. "Oh" she breathed, leaning in conspiratorially, "you must be the one they call Mrs Bouquet" - only of course she prounounced it Bucket. The proceedings ground to a halt. You could have heard a pin drop, even though we were outside at the time. I nearly keeled over and clung on to my husband as we both sucked in our breath and waited, and waited some more. After what seemed like minutes but was in reality only a few moments you replied with great aplomb "But of course my dear, how do you do"! Respect to you Maz for your sense of humour and your dignity, and of course for being Mrs Bouquet! x

Guernsey Girl said...
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Guernsey Girl said...

Thanks Elaine for reminding me of that moment - the memory still makes me smile. But don't be too generous with the praise - you'll be sending me flowers next...