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Saturday, 8 June 2013

The twentieth child...a Short story with a happy ending.

The Shorts with baby Emily-Kate
as pictured in today's Daily Mail


Last week I wrote about women who wanted to choose the sex of their babies. Today comes the story of a very brave couple who simply wanted a baby.   Despite nineteen miscarriages they never gave up.

Their story is a long one, endless IVF, heartache and disappointment   'one minute it was elation - the next desolation ' and finally pioneering surgery  from Canada that fulfilled their dream in the shape of six-month-old


'Our life had a baby-shaped hole in it - and now it doesn't,' says Steve.


Everyone likes a story with a happy ending

Congratulations Joanne and Steve Short - you surely deserve it.





Linda Mitchelmore said...

This makes me feel incredibly humble and so very privileged to have had my children with ease.

Suzie Tullett said...

Me too, Linda x

Guernsey Girl said...

Thanks for your comments, Linda and Suzie, it's good to know that you feel the same... :)

Francie...The Scented Cottage Studio said...

Happy they finally got their baby. My friends tried for 11 years, then adopted a beautiful baby boy. THEN they got pregnant and now their son has a beautiful sister.

Guernsey Girl said...

Francie - that's such a lovely story - I'd love to see a photo of the happy family. xxx