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Thursday, 10 October 2013


Journalists around the country smiled a few years ago when Prince Charles asked them why they didn't print good news. One enterprising national newspaper printed a whole front page of  riveting reports including how many millions of people got to work on time, how many trains weren't delayed and  the flu epidemic that wasn't expected that winter.

Everyone - including Prince Charles apparently - admitted it didn't make very good reading.  Now comes the revelation that  the Government's  attempts to regulate Britain's much lauded free press have failed . The sad  fact is that the newspaper industry's own proposals for a system of self-regulation have been rejected.

Under the proposed plan the independent regulator would have had a right to impose heavy fines on newspapers, as well as insisting on the correction of mistakes and inaccuracies.  Instead, our three political parties are going to make a final decision about the Royal Charter which will be imposed on the industry, with or without their agreement.

Even Lord Justice Leveson himself has admitted that Parliamentary involvement might be perceived as Government interference.

Every one of us in business, as employees or employers, has been guilty of making a mistake. But we don't let it stop us doing what we think is right. We live in a free country where, thankfully, we can choose whatever we want to read. So please, please,  don't take away the freedom of the press.


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Another Guernseyman said...

I agree - 'm all for the freedom of the press. Ian Hislop hardly believes a word that's written in the Daily Mail but he still defends their right to print it...

clo said...

Bad news sells papers unfortunately!

Guernsey Girl said...

Yes, bad news does sell papers, but hopefully it also makes people aware of what's wrong with our society.