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Monday, 18 August 2014

Did someone mention CHOCOLATE?

Would you like to spend the next three years studying chocolate?  If so,  it seems that Cambridge University is advertising your dream job. The impressive sounding Department of Chemical Engineering is searching for a student to work on a  fully-funded project.... finding how to prevent chocolate melting in the sun!

But before you get too excited the role will also require 'good mathematical skills and a high grade degree, 'according to today's Daily Mail.

 It's time to confess that I have a special interest in chocolate. My younger daughter, who  grew up on Roald Dahl's best selling book Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, was  determined to follow in her hero's footsteps  After gaining a degree in food microbiology  she  got her first job working in - you've guessed it - a chocolate factory.  It was her task to taste the first batch  that came off the production - at 7.30 in the morning....

Which brings me back to that dream job at Cambridge University  -  what does the successful candidate have to do? They will 'investigate the factors which allow chocolate, which has a melting point close to that of the human body, to remain solid and retain qualities sought by consumers when it is stored and sold in warm climates.' 

If the project is a success then hopefully we'll be able to eat chocolate all year round - even in a heatwave.

Meanwhile, I'll leave the last word to Roald Dahl himself:
“He turned and reached behind him for the chocolate bar, then he turned back again and handed it to Charlie. Charlie grabbed it and quickly tore off the wrapper and took an enormous bite. Then he took another…and another…and oh, the joy of being able to cram large pieces of something sweet and solid into one's mouth! The sheer blissful joy of being able to fill one's mouth with rich solid food!
'You look like you wanted that one, sonny,' the shopkeeper said pleasantly.

Charlie nodded, his mouth bulging with chocolate.”
Roald Dahl, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
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Sharon Bradshaw said...

I'm not sure the University job would be for me, but Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is definitely a favourite book. I'll be having chocolate too this weekend.Thank you for this lovely post!:)

Guernsey Girl said...

Great to see you on here, Sharon! Here's to chocolate....

Nikki-ann said...

I miss chocolate. When they finally get around to making lactose-free chocolate that tastes good, I'll be there!

(Also a big fan of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory!).

Guernsey Girl said...

Oh, Nikki-ann - how awful that you can't eat 'ordinary' chocolate. Shall I ask my daughter if the company she works for will do some research into a tasty lactose-free version?