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Monday, 28 November 2016


When my daughter was on a life support machine in intensive care I used to visit her every day - sometimes even in the middle of the night. Arriving for a 3am visit after she'd been unconscious for two months, the nurse on duty said: You always wear bright lipstick when you arrive - though you know she can't see you. Why is that?'
'Because,' I replied, 'if she wakes up, I want her to see me how she knows me best. Happy and positive. Not with a pale face and fear in my eyes.'
Fourteen years later I am now writing a short story called The Red Lipstick. How lucky am I that she is alive to read it?

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Lindsay said...

So glad this awful experience turned out well. I love the sound of your story and especially the reason behind your lipstick.

Guernsey Girl said...

Thanks, Lindsay - that means a lot.

Nikki-ann said...

I'm glad to hear your daughter is still here to read your story. Looking forward to your short story :)

Guernsey Girl said...

Thanks, Nikki-ann - great to hear from you!

Barbara Fisher said...

Marilyn I had no idea your daughter had been so ill. It must have been a terrible time for all of you. Well done on keeping a positive attitude and wearing your red lipstick throughout.

Guernsey Girl said...

I know how lucky we were - and are - Barbara. I will always be grateful to the doctors at Preston Royal Infirmary who saved Amy's life.