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Sunday, 11 February 2018


As a young reporter I was once asked to interview three couples who were celebrating their golden wedding anniversaries. What had lead them to a lifetime of love?

One lady blushed at the question, despite her 70-something years. 'The first time he took me out, my hand brushed against his,' she said. ' I remember it felt like electricity running through my veins.'  Her husband merely smiled and took her hand in his.

The second couple swore it was their regular spats that kept the spark alive. 'We enjoy a good argument,' they said in unison. 'But we enjoy making up, too.'

'Did he ever send you a Valentine's card?' I asked.

He gave me a card  on our first date,' his wife smiled.  'And, apart from during the war, he's sent me one every year since.'

The final couple sat in silence: the husband merely nodded and smiled when I asked him a question. 'He's been deaf since the day we met,' his wife explained. 'He reckons that's why we're still married.'

Who was it said Silence is Golden?

Photos courtesy of Hope House Museum, Alstonefield, Nr Ashbourne, Derbyshire 


WILLIE........! =^..^= said...

It was the Tremeloes back in 1967 that said...
"Oh don't it hurt deep inside
To see someone do something to her
Oh don't it pain to see someone cry
How especially if that someone is her

Silence is golden
But my eyes still see
Silence is golden, golden
But my eyes still see...".

It was the third couple made me laugh...
"He's Deaf"..HaHa! Brilliant..!
BUT..was he really deaf..? Pardon..!!! :).

And, as for love...How long do l have..Bless!
It must be the most written and talked about
issue...ever! AND! Has anyone ever really
explained it....???
I've heard it say.."It's the little things".
HeHe! ME! I just stand in front the mirror...
And say..."Mirror! Mirror! On the wall".....! :0).
Well it worked for Snow White! Oh! No! It was
the wicked Queen was'nt...!

What was it we used to sing...
"Here comes the bride..forty inches wide".
(and the rest).

Guernsey Girl said...

I always look forward to your comments, Willie, as I know they will make me smile. My remembered version of that last song was: Here comes the bride, all fat and wide - but I'm sure there were many more. Can you imagine that song being allowed today? I would much rather go back to the days when men were really romantic, even if only on paper!

WILLIE........! =^..^= said...

Richard Fleming is an Ulster-born poet and short-story writer, currently resident in Guernsey in the Channel Islands. His work has been broadcast and widely published and will be familiar to listeners of BBC Radio Guernsey, BBC North-West and Radio Ulster.....

The parrot of Victor Hugo
does not reside in a château,
instead he dwells in Guernsey air
and perches calmly on a chair,
immobile, quiet as a mouse,
in Le Salon of Hauteville House.

He knows he dare not interrupt
for Victor can be très abrupt.
He’s been as grumpy as a crab
while writing that Les Miserables.
But when work’s finished for the day,
Vic loves his petit perroquet.

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