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Monday, 17 December 2012

Happy Birthday from Father Christmas!

On my 5th birthday I rushed out of the front door to greet the postman who was struggling up the driveway. 'Do you know what day it is today?' I asked excitedly.

'Christmas Eve, of course,' he winked, handing me a pile of envelopes. 'Everyone knows that.'

'No - it's my birthday,'  I replied tearfully before slipping on the icy doorstep and gouging a hole in my scalp.  I ended up in the emergency department of the city hospital with 10  stitches in  my head. That's one birthday I'll never forget.

As the day comes round again, the old childhood feelings still rush back - one present instead of two, nowhere to put my birthday cards, and absolutely no time for a party on my special day.  I remember one year going to stay with relatives who presented me with an amazing iced fruit cake. It was covered in silver baubles with my age in large numbers perched on the top.  I was so excited as I lit the candles and got ready to cut the first slice.

'Oh, we can't cut it,' my aunt said in a horrified voice. 'It's the Christmas cake too!'
Sure enough, the candles came off that night and my beautiful cake was trimmed with holly and a great big smiling Santa.

And please don't get me started on those jolly cards that say 'On your Christmas Birthday.' They were no doubt invented by someone who was born in the middle of June.

Seriously, though, as we approach the season of goodwill, lets remember why we celebrate  December 25th.   Christmas Day isn't just for baby Jesus - it really does belong to us all.



Linda Mitchelmore said...

Aw, cyber hugs....I've often wondered what it was like to have a birthday so close to Christmas. Perhaps you should have a non-birthday in the middle of summer? You can share my birthday in July....:)

Guernsey Girl said...

Ooh, tell me when in July and wecam make it a date...

Dizzy C said...

Awww, Marilyn.
Such sad memories of your birthday.
It is amazing how these memories stay with us.

Happy Birthday for 24th December.


Guernsey Girl said...

My family have told me off for complaining (it was only tongue-in-cheek, honestly!) So here's a big thankyou to all the Chapmans for their kindness at this time of the year...

Elaineyross said...

That's a bit of a sob story isn't it? Did you really bang your head and end up at the hospital? 'Cos I would have only been 3 weeks old at that time and as mum couldn't drive, I assume our dear papa must have taken you. Now there's a real positive - in those day, (oops, we are all getting on a bit), which other man would have foresaken his Christmas "noggin" in order to care for his beloved child. So there you go! Oh yes, I'll be round with your pressies tomorrow too - ha ha! x