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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Thirteen steps to superstition...why I'm dreading the New Year!



We lived at number 13 when I was a child and one day, when my mother refused to buy home-made pegs at the front door,  a gypsy put a curse on our home.  Everything went wrong after that:  we sold the house  and I've been superstitious ever since.  I won't travel on the 13th, write a cheque on the 13th, and once even refused  an operation on the dreaded day, preferring  to suffer in silence...

I got married on Friday March 12  because I didn't want my wedding anniversary on the 13th, and I've always avoided Friday the 13th  by staying at home.There are thirteen steps to  the gallows, so legend says, and that's enough to frighten anyone.

The Greeks, who took the whole thing very seriously, had a word for fear of the number 13 - dekatriaphobia. Sounds painful, doesn't it?   Sounds pretty ridiculous, too, come to think of it. So as the seconds tick by to midnight  remember the old saying:

Don't trouble thirteen
Till thirteen troubles you
For if you trouble thirteen
 You'll trouble others too

Superstitious?  Me?  Not any more...


to you all!




Linda Mitchelmore said...

Great post to end the year....I've always felt rather sorry for those born on a 13th of anything....although their mothers could hardly have shoved them back in and made them wait a day, could they?

Guernsey Girl said...

What an amusing thought to end the year on...thanks, Linda.

Elaineyross said...

Anyone thought that it might be the father's fault if their child is born on 13th? We mums can't be accountable (blamed) for everything ... can we? Happy new year