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Sunday, 1 December 2013


 Christmas 1938

Have you ever noticed there's a story everywhere you look?

I found this wonderful  Christmas card, posted from an ocean liner in 1938, in a Yorkshire antique shop one sunny day last June. The verse inside reads:

Twish you every dear delight
That Christmastide can bring
All through the year, Good health, Good cheer
Good luck in everything

Christmas 1938

H.M.S Orion

America and West Indies Station

Included are a photo of the liner on a recent voyage and a 'calling card' in a small envelope beautifully inscribed with the initial of the sender, known only as John.


I wonder what Scrooge would make of this? 


Another Guernseyman said...

I may be a mere man, but even I can see that there's something rather mysterious about an ocean liner. I wonder what happened to the guy who sent this?

Guernsey Girl said...

I'm wondering too, Mr Guernseyman, which is why I love history. Thanks for your comment.

Barbara Fisher said...

Dear Marilyn, how I wish I had got to that antique's shop ahead of you! I love little snippets of history such as this. I was at an antique fair yesterday and came home with a collection of old valentine cards. I know what I will be writing about in February. I hope to call back later today and catch up with all your posts but must away now.

Guernsey Girl said...

Ooh, Barbara - I really love vintage valentine cards! They always seem so much more romantic than anything we have today. It's so good to hear from you as I really do enjoy keeping up with your news. :)