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Monday, 17 November 2014

Cats, Christmas - and a bull that got my goat!

Children's author David J Garnett called into my book signing this weekend  at Greenlands FarmVillage, Carnforth, Lancashire  where the annual Christmas Craft and Food Fair turned out to be the busiest on record!

As well as meeting some lovely readers we managed to raise almost £30 for Children in Need, thanks to some very generous customers.

The mild November weather made it easy for young and old to mingle with a host of animals - cows, bulls, goats, sheep, donkeys and a very friendly turkey which seemed intent on making friends with everybody.

Meanwhile author David, who lives in Bolton-le-Sands on the edge of the Lake District, explained that he was inspired to write The Glutton Cat - the story of a very greedy moggy- by his friend's cat Mindy, who, has a reputation for eating too much!

An adventure story for children, the 56-page illustrated paperback is available for £5.99 from  David, who works full time for Network Rail in Carnforth as an electrical engineering technician, has just finished the sequel  aptly entitled The Further Adventures of Glutton Cat - the Legend of Hector. 

And now for some more photos of the animals at Greenlands Farm.

Lunch anyone?

Taken for a ride? 

My thanks go to The Bookworms, the Lancaster-based reading group who hosted the
book signing.



Elaineyross said...

So pleased to see you are getting out and about, promoting you excellent book, raising money for children in need and praising the good works of others in you profession. Keep up the good work! X

Guernsey Girl said...

Thanks Elaine! After two days standing on my feet I'm glad I'm not a cow....