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Monday, 18 May 2015


Behind every picture there is a story.

These two  service medals  (below) were given to me by my daughter on the anniversary of VE Day,  to add to my collection of World War Two memorabilia.  With them came a photograph of their owner, Lieutenant R Greenwood,  taken in February 1942  and a snap of two young soldiers.

 'I knew you would want to know the story behind it,' my daughter wrote. And she was right!

Is one of these men Lieutenant Greenwood?

Lieutenant R Greenwood

Why did he have a scar on the bridge of his nose? Is he one of the younger men in the snapshot? What did he do after the war?If Lieutenant Greenwood was a member or friend of your family, I'd love to know. Whatever the truth he's a lasting symbol of every war hero who finally made it back home.


another Guernseyman said...

War medals should be passed down through families - especially when you consider how much was sacrificed to achieve them. Thanks for an interesting post.

Guernsey Girl said...

I still think Channel Islanders should have received medals for their bravery during the German Occupation - so many heroes remain 'unsung.' Thanks for your comment, another Guernseyman.