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Monday, 25 May 2015

No Greater Love...

Marie Colvin
 Marie Colvin - Photo courtesy of The Times newspaper
      When Marie Colvin, the Sunday Times war correspondent, set out on her fatal assignment to Syria three years ago, she carried with her a  heavy manuscript contained in a small knapsack.  After she was killed in a rocket attack  the 387-page unpublished novel, Gospel Prism by Gerald Weaver, was recovered with  her few belongings.

      In her role as war correspondent for the Sunday Times Marie was regarded by her peers as unsurpassable.  Despite losing her left eye when she was hit by a Sri Lankan  rocket-propelled grenade in 2001,  she still managed to file her report on time. From then on she wore the black eye patch which became her trademark.

      In a remarkably honest podcast  Weaver, who has been described as Marie's first love and lifelong friend, talks about her with deep affection.  She was, he says, the one who encouraged him to write  about  'our friendship and our relationship' adding 'Marie was the father of the book and I was the mother.'

      The author  describes his debut novel as ' a detective story with a spiritual aspect' but it is clearly so much more than this.

      'I carry Marie around inside me a lot' he says simply.

       Gospel Prism was  published on May 23 2015 and  is dedicated to Marie Colvin's memory.


      Heather Burnside said...

      That's a lovely story Marilyn, very touching. I'm glad the writer was able to publish this book. :)

      Guernsey Girl said...

      I have got my copy now, Heather, and will definitely review it later. Marie Colvin's untimely death makes it all the more difficult to read.