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Friday, 6 July 2012

The calendar that saw into the future...

Searching through  my Guernsey memorabilia yesterday, I found this old *Bakelite calendar that once stood on the mantel in my grandparents' parlour. When I was a child  I used to love clicking the metal pieces in the corners to change the date, though sadly they no longer work. Looking again, I saw that  the date had stuck on September 11....  Just a coincidence?  Or is this  a psychic calendar? I wonder what else it knows about the future!

Nineteen thirties/forties Bakelite calendar

*Bakelite , according to the OED, is 'an early brittle form of plastic made from formaldehyde and phenol.'


anotherguernseygirl said...

Iam sure i recognise that calendar my grandmother had one like that. Its probably just as well we cant see into the future and we just take one day at a time.

Elaineyross said...

Blimey! That's a real blast from the past. I think I know a man who might be able to fix that for you......!