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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Holiday's in Victorian England - A comma-n complaint?

Welcome to all who have a fear of misplaced commas -  here's  one in urgent need of removal. Back in April one Gordon Thorburn  published a book about Victorian England, and as I'm a fan  of the era, I decided to take a look. The book cover is beautifully finished in brown and white sepia print, but the title - now that's a different matter. 'Holiday's in Victorian England'   has  recently become a talking point for all the wrong reasons.

This month's  'Oldie' magazine (which I usually read over my husband's shoulder) takes up the story. 'For a website whose business is principally literary, it was interesting to see Amazon offer  (this) newly published title.  Gordon Thorburn's book has now had its cover amended, but it can still be seen on Amazon with its erroneous apostrophe intact.' 

It reminds me of a heading I saw once years ago whilst I was still a cub reporter. 'TRAGEDY FOR YOUNG PUP'S, it said in 72 point bold (the biggest you could get at the time). It was, indeed, a tragedy.

Well that's it for this blog post. I've found an old fashioned pub that does wonderful steak and chip's followed by free coffee's.  It, is, if you'll pardon the expression, just too good to miss...


Jane Lovering said...

I do love it when other writers hate misplaced commas as much as I do. My friends will no longer accompany me on the seafront at Scarborough because of my focused anger at all the 'Ice Cream's'. When I passed a horsebox on the motorway with 'Horse's' on the side, I had to be physically restrained.
Great blog, by the way!

Guernsey Girl said...

Thanks, Jane, so good to hear
from a fellow comma-hater:
did nobody tell them -
if in doubt, leave it out? Have just started to follow your blog and I'm laughing loudly already...